When I was 16 years old I instinctively drew a flower logo with 2 leaves and told everybody who listened lotsalittletalitabooks like Mr Men books, but not, kickarse motivational books instead x lotsalittletalitabooks with titles like Shushibyeland it’s magic there! and Can you hear your smile creak?. I always said I’ll write them on a houseboat so , 30 years later I boarded a beautiful boat that’s a house, and wrote lotsalittletalitabooks x This is the story

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    The Story of how lotsalittletalitabooks was born x

    • Believe in the magic inside YOU x

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    FREE EXPERIENCE When you lose someone you love and don’t know what to do - why I wrote this lotsalittletalitabook, for you my gift 🎁

    • Watch first x